Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Collared Scops Owls- Gang of Four

นกเค้ากู่ 领角鸮
Sirikit Queen's Park, the Collared Scops Owls returned to rest at the same tree, in such a way that they could have a group photo.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

A lovely pair of Indian Rollers

นกตะขาบทุ่ง 棕胸佛法僧
These Indian Rollers will not leave each other at any time.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Asian Openbill

นกปากห่าง 钳嘴鹳
What the two Asian Openbills are doing, fighting or courtship?

Owls Community

นกเค้ากู่, นกฮูก 领角鸮
These Collared Scops Owls are having a sound sleep. A family of four in Sirikit Queen's Park

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Forest Wagtail

นกเด้าลมดง 山鹡鸰
Blurred shot of a  Forest Wagtail. Just for a record that it was found today at SRF. A winter migrant.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bald-headed Myna

นกเอี้ยงหัวล้าน 光头八哥
It is known that birds' feathers would fall off and replaced with new ones. Species with a breeding plumage would change their feathers two times each year, while for others the change may be gradually. This is called moulting. For some Common Myna, it may occurs all at once at the head and neck, and the bird become bald. Though it's look may be strange from others, but it is still allowed to associate in the flock.

Myna community in SRF.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Javan Pond Heron

นกยางกรอกพันธุ์ชวา 爪哇池鹭
Javan Pond Heron's appearance is very similar to a Chinese Pond Heron.  Only in breeding plumage can they be clearly distinguished, head down to chest of the Chinese type will become reddish brown, while the Javan type will be yellowish brown. This Javan was found today in SRF.

Pond Herons:
left-Chinese breeding  |  center- non breeding(any types)  |   right-Javan in breeding

The calls of a Cuckoo

นกอีวาบตั๊กแตน 八声杜鹃
SRF today saw a male Plaintive Cuckoo with prey. Just after feeding, the bird sang its ususal tune. Literally the name in Chinese means 'eight notes cuckoo'
the calls

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pale-legged Leaf Warbler

นกกระจิ๊ดขาสีเนื้อ 淡脚树莺
Pale-legged Leaf Warbler in Queen's Park Bangkok.

Oriental Magpie Robin

นกกางเขนบ้าน 鹊鸲
At SRF, the  Oriental Magpie Robin couple took turns to feed their babies in the nest.

The couple, female with gray chest.


Little Egret

นกยางเปีย 小白鹭
Little Egrets are very common in Bangkok. This one in SRF is in breeding plumage.

Little Heron

นกยางเขียว 绿鹭
SRF today produces a Little Heron.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Barn Owl

นกแสก 谷仓猫头鹰
This Barn Owl was taken care by a gardener in Queen's Park.
It's a pity, is'n it? A night bird, it often sneaks to sleep in a barn during daytime. And that's the way it is prone to be trapped. Keeping a protected species is prohibited anyway. Maybe, the bird might be found in a sick or injured condition and thus temporarily retained for healing.

Visiting the place again the day after, the bird was not present, empty case. Good luck Barn Owl!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A female Koel

นกกาเหว่าเพศเมีย 雌杜鹃 
While a male  Asian Koels is wholly black, a female got a different appearance. 

House Sparrow

นกกระจอกใหญ่ 英语麻雀(菲利普麻雀)
Queen's Park today produces a male House Sparrow.
A female was recorded on February 17, 2014.

A female is recorded next day.

Lovers in Queen's Park

Queen's Park today sees some lovable birds.
Crow-lovers 烏鴉戀人
Chipmunk  loves rose apple
Moon phase, what the lovers are dreaming for.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Black-crested Bulbul

นกปรอดเหลืองหัวจุก 黑头黄鹎
Queen's Park today produces a Black-crested Bulbul also known as Black-capped Yellow Bulbul. A common resident that is not common for Bangkok.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Black-naped Oriole with prey

นกขมิ้นท้ายทอยดำ 枕黄鹂
SRF today, a Black-naped Oriole  with a bee as its prey.  黑

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

นกสีชมพูสวน 血色背啄花鸟
A Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker was sighted at SRF.

I'm male, I'm big, can you see, la.

Plain Prinia

นกกระจิบหญ้าสีเรียบ 纯山鹪莺
A glimpse of Plain Prinia at SRF. This is my first find.

Chinese Pond Heron

นกยางกรอกพันธุ์จีน 中国池鹭
Chinese Pond Heron  in breeding plumage was gracing on the lawn in Queen's Park.

 With a beetle as its prey.