Friday, February 6, 2015

Drongo Cuckoo นกคัคคูแซงแซว

The Weatherman said it be cool in Thailand for a few more days. Again I went to SRF. Entering Queen Sirikit Park via east gate, on the rim of lotus pond, stood a type of black bird unknown to me. Its body plumage was rather big, about 25 cm long with legs thick and hairy. Clumsy, it walked into water for a few steps and then flew up ashore without any prey. On ground, it jumped hopping a few feet and more.
Comments from BCST said it is a juvenile Asian Koel. But to me the bird is more likely a juvenile Drongo Cuckoo.

Female Asian Koel นกกาเหว่าเพศเมีย

 Olive-backed Sunbird นกกินปลีอกเหลือง

Yellow-vented Bulbul นกปรอดหน้านวล

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