Thursday, October 30, 2014

More from P600

Somewhat brighter today in SRF. Still experimenting with the P600 "birding scene mode".

 Asian Brown Flycatcher นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล

 Cattle Egret นกยางควาย

 Chinese Pond Heron นกยางกรอกพันธุ์จีน

 Streak-eared Bulbul นกปรอดสวน

 Plaintive Cuckoo นกอีวาบตั๊กแตน

 Coppersmith Barbet นกตีทอง

 Common Koel นกกาเหว่า

In the next two pics, I experimented P600 "Moon shot mode" to shoot these birds. The camera made a zoom to 1440 mm with one touch and it took a little more time to stabilize picture. It seems to me that the images are very sharp. Will try more.

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