Thursday, October 23, 2014

More P600 sample pics

Migrants were calling, so I took my new P600 out to get acquainted. Here are more pics at SRF (สวนรถไฟ) in Bangkok. Had been using SX50HS in birding for one full year, I hope this information will be useful to those interested in birding with super-zoom (aka bridge camera) from the two giants.

Asian Brown Flycatcher นกจับแมลงสีน้ำตาล

It was about to rain and quite dark when I encountered this Black-capped Kingfisher นกกระเต็นหัวดำ

Then came a heavy down pour and I had to stay within a pavilion, which happened to be the home of these one-month kittens.

It was almost dusk when the rain stop, but the last few drops of the sun were so wonderful.

Scarlet-backed Flower-pecker นกสีชมพูสวน

Ashy Drongo นกแซงแซวสีเทา

Rain tree on the golf course after the rain

The next day was more vibrant and I got few more pics.

 Chinese Pond Heron

The Stork-billed Kingfisher นกกระเต็นใหญ่ was 100 meters away, these pics were taken at full digital zoom.

 Black-naped Oriole นกขมิ้นท้ายทอยดำ

 Black-collared Starling นกกิ้งโครงคอดำ

Myna and Starling

to be continued...

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